When strolling through the beauty aisle, the allure of rose water might tempt you, especially when faced with an array of bottles promising the essence of rose at a variety of price points. Yet, savvy consumers might wonder why pure rose water or rose hydrosol—a seemingly similar product—can command a higher price. Here’s the blooming truth about the luxurious nature of pure rose water compared to its cheaper counterparts.

The Essence of Pure Rose Water:

Pure rose water, also known as rose hydrosol, is crafted through a meticulous steam distillation process of rose petals. This method isn’t a quick affair; it requires a full day and an abundance of freshly picked, premium rose blossoms. Imagine placing pure water in a distillation apparatus with rose petals resting above. As the water boils, the petals release their essence into the steam, which then condenses back into a liquid brimming with the rich, natural components of roses.

The Reality of Regular Rose Water:

On the market, myriad products bear the name “rose water”—from “rose moisturizing spray” to “rose dew.” However, many of these are commercial concoctions, far from the purity of true rose water. They often include additives such as glycerin, synthetic rose fragrance, and artificial rose extracts. Such products are significantly cheaper because they are, essentially, perfumed water, not genuine rose distillate.

Identifying Authentic Rose Water:

To ensure you're purchasing the finest rose water for your skincare and health, consider these tips:

Check the label: True hydrosols don't contain fragrances or harsh chemicals.
Assess the scent: Pure rose water features a subtle, almost woody rose aroma—not an overpowering fragrance.
Test the reaction: Authentic rose water won’t irritate your eyes and feels soothing.
Look at the appearance: Pure rose water is colorless and as clear as water.

Multifaceted Uses of Pure Rose Water:

As a gentle toner post-cleansing
A revitalizing face mist on sweltering days
A natural perfume for underarms, clothing, or hair
An activator for dry face masks
A remedy for soothing eye discomfort

Fun Fact: Did you know it takes roughly 55 kilograms of rose petals to produce just 10 liters of pure rose water?

The Pure Difference:

Our rose water stands apart as it is natural, undiluted, and of such quality that it's deemed food-grade. This extraction method retains the integrity of the rose, ensuring you receive all the botanical benefits.


Choosing pure rose water over regular rose water isn't just a matter of luxury—it's about quality, purity, and the multifaceted benefits that come from a product crafted with care and attention to detail. Whether you're seeking a skin tonic, a refreshing mist, or a natural fragrance, investing in pure rose water means investing in the authentic essence of the rose and its natural benefits.

Discover the difference with our 100% concentrated and natural rose water and elevate your wellness and beauty routine.