When strolling through the beauty aisle, the allure of rose water might tempt you, especially when faced with an array of bottles promising the essence of rose at a variety of price points. Yet, savvy consumers might wonder why pure rose water or rose hydrosol—a seemingly similar product—can command a higher price. Here’s the blooming truth about the luxurious nature of pure rose water compared to its cheaper counterparts.

The Essence of Pure Rose Water:

Pure rose water, also known as rose hydrosol, is crafted through a meticulous steam distillation process of rose petals. This method isn’t a quick affair; it requires a full day and an abundance of freshly picked, premium rose blossoms. Imagine placing pure water in a distillation apparatus with rose petals resting above. As the water boils, the petals release their essence into the steam, which then condenses back into a liquid brimming with the rich, natural components of rose