Is toasted sesame oil the same as sesame oil ?

Introduction: Delve into the world of sesame oil, a staple in both culinary and beauty realms. While the aromatic toasted sesame oil is a culinary favorite, known for its rich flavor and pungent aroma, particularly in tahini factories, cold-pressed sesame oil holds a treasure trove of benefits for the skin. Understanding the differences between these two variants is key to maximizing their respective advantages.

The Essence of Toasted Sesame Oil: Toasted sesame oil, celebrated for its robust, roasted taste, undergoes a process that involves heating sesame seeds. This method, typically involving direct fire, helps in degrading the proteins in the seeds, enhancing the oil's distinct flavor profile. Post-heating, the seeds are pressed while still hot. However, it's important to note that some commercial sesame oils may undergo additional processes like bleaching and deodorizing, which