3/4 Cup of any oil

1 Tbsp besswax(shaved)

50ml or less distilled water or Rose Hydrosol

Put the distilled water inside a blender.

Put the oil with the wax inside a cup or bowl. Put the cup or bowl inside a saucepan of water. The water level should be above the oil level.

Put the cup or bowl inside a waterbath.

Place the pan on low heat until the wax melts.

Remove the cup or bowl from the waterbath. Let the wax cool until it begins to have a faint rim.

Very slowly add the oil wax to the blender. Put the lid on. Start with a lower setting. Increse gradually. Use a chopstick to incorporate everything.

Put the lotion into containers. Store in the refrigorater.

This is an excellent mix. It is intended to be used directly or stored a few weeks inside the refrigerator. It may need to be mixed before each use.