his recipe is the Indian version of our Maqdous. Pickled small aubergines in olive oil stuffed with nuts, garlic and chilly. If we look into the matter, there are similarities between different cultures. Those similarities are more than the differences. Pickled mangoes are eaten with chapatti, roti, rice, or as a side dish, they offer a unique taste. You have to try them at least once. Choose dark green firm, fresh, but mature mangoes which are hard and sour. Put the mangoes in a bowl of water for an hour to get rid of any dirt on the outside shell. Dry them thoroughly before cutting. The entire working area, spices, pickling bowls, and your hand have to be clean and dry to avoid spoilage and ensure a quality end product.

Ingredients :

    1kilogram mangoes
    4tablespoons mustard seeds
    1tablespoon fenugreek seeds
    1tablespoon caraway  seeds
    1tablespoon  cumin seeds
    1tablespoon fennel seeds 
    3/4tablespoon black seeds (nigella sativa seeds)
    3/4 cup sea salt + 2tablespoons
    1/2 a cup peeled garlic cloves
    3tablespoons red chilly powder
    1 1/2teaspoons turmeric powder
    2cups mustard oil

Method :

    Cut the mangoes with the seeds and shell. You can use a clean cotton cloth to cut, and avoid slippery. They will be hard. First in half, then quarters, and finally each quarter in three pieces. Remove the seed. If the seed separates by itself the fruit is not suitable for pickling.
    Place the chopped mangoes in a sieve inside a bowl. Mix the pieces with the turmeric powder and the two tablespoons of salt. Leave them over night.
    The salt ensures that all the water is released from the mangoes. Take the mango pieces and spread them on a tray and leave them in the sun for about 2 hours. You can also tap them dry with a clean cloth.
    Use a blender, and take all the seeds ingredients 2-7 and the garlic. Crush them into a coarse mixture. Add the chilly powder and mix it with the rest of the ingredients.
    Use a pan, take the mustard oil and heat it to smoking point (This gives a special taste). Pour a little from this mustard oil over the masala (ground spices mixture) just enough to turn it into a paste.
    Coat each mango piece with this mixture. Arrange the pieces tightly into a clean and dry jar. If you have spices mix left put it also into the Jar.
    Wait for the mustard oil to cool down completely. Pour it over the mango pieces until all the pieces are completely covered in oil. Close the jar and keep it aside in a dark place. Every three days or so check to see that the mango pieces are completely immersed in oil. If not add some more oil.
    The mango pickle would be ready to use after 10 days. If stored properly, it can stay good for 1 year or more.
    Always take out the required quantity with a clean and dry spoon. The pieces have to be covered with oil all the time.