Welcome to the incredible story of Ali, who started out as a hairdresser at 17 and ended up owning a successful shop selling herbal products. This video takes you through his journey of finding joy in helping people and making them smile.

Ali's adventure into the world of herbs and oils began when he worked at a famous roastery. There, he fell in love with these natural wonders. He learned a lot by trying things out and talking to people, always looking for real, good-quality products from Jordan. This search led him to Green Fields Oils, where he discovered genuine, effective products.

Inspired by these products, in 2018, Ali opened his own shop. His business isn't just about selling stuff; it's about sharing his passion for natural, helpful products with others. Today, his shop is a big hit, showing how much you can do when you follow your heart.

Watch Ali's story to see how he changed his life, learned so much, and started a business that's all about making a difference. It's an inspiring tale for anyone who dreams big!

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