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Yellow Mustard Seeds- What's Lurks Behind the Spice Rack?

Chemical Preservatives in the Mix

In an effort to extend shelf life, some brands treat Yellow Mustard Seeds with chemical preservatives such as 'Potassium Metabisulfite.' This additive, while effective in preservation, can cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals and detracts from the seeds' natural purity.

Staying True to Nature

At Green Fields Oils, we believe in preserving the natural integrity of Yellow Mustard Seeds. We ensure our Yellow Mustard Seeds come directly from dependable suppliers. We try and source non-GMO seeds. We do not add any artificial preservatives and flavorings, ensuring that what you get is not only flavorful but also as healthy as nature intended it to beee!. By choosing our products, you are choosing a brand that values natural quality and health above all... for you & your family.

Yellow Mustard Seeds, Its Literally More Than Just a Spice

In ancient civilizations, Yellow Mustard Seeds weren't just for cooking; they were a symbol of prosperity. People believed scattering these seeds around the home could ward off evil spirits.

Greek and Roman Gourmet Flair

In Greece and Rome, mustard seeds were mixed with wine, honey, and other spices to create a mixed condiment. This early mustard was used to enhance meats and add depth to sauces.

Medieval Mustard Making

Fast forward to the Middle Ages, where mustard-making was an art. Yellow Mustard Seeds were ground and mixed with vinegar, spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, and sometimes even sweetened with honey or fruit juices. This concoction was a staple on tables across Europe.

Spreading the Spice

With global exploration, mustard seeds found new homes and uses. They were a precious cargo on many ships, spreading their flavor to new cuisines and inspiring new uses.

Industrial Revolution, Mustard for the Masses

The Industrial Revolution made mustard accessible to everyone. The classic yellow mustard sauce, with its ground Yellow Mustard Seeds, vinegar, turmeric for color, and a blend of spices, became a beloved condiment worldwide(The Mustard Sause You Know Today).

Yum Yum, Yum Recipe!

Today, Yellow Mustard Seeds continue to be a kitchen essential. For a quick homemade mustard sauce, simply mix ground mustard seeds with vinegar, a touch of turmeric, garlic powder, and a hint of sugar or honey for sweetness. It’s perfect for sandwiches, dressings, or as a tangy dip.


Cold Pressed to Perfection, here at Green Fields Oils We embrace the power of nature by cold pressing both Yellow and Black Mustard Seeds in our state-of-the-art facility. This careful process ensures that the oil retains all its natural real benefits. Our mustard seed oil is especially revered for its therapeutic properties.

It's a favorite among athletes and those recovering from muscle soreness and pain(Literally so freaking good). When rubbed into the skin, it works wonders in soothing discomfort and accelerating recovery. This oil is proof of the health-promoting products.