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The Hidden Truth Behind Dried Joory Flowers

The Reality Behind Commercial Dried Joory Flowers..

In the world of dried flowers, not everything is as pure and natural as it seems. Many commercial brands of Dried Joory Flowers are often processed using methods and additives that might surprise you.

Misleading Fragrance Enhancements

Many dried flowers on the market are treated with artificial fragrances or 'parfum' to intensify their natural scent. These synthetic fragrances can cause allergic reactions, especially in sensitive individuals, and mask the flower's true aroma.

Color Deception

In an effort to make Dried Joory Flowers more appealing, some brands dye them with artificial colors. These chemical-based colors, like 'Red No. 3' or 'Blue No. 1,' might create a vibrant appearance but can also lead to skin irritation when used in products like potpourri or bath bombs.

Our Commitment 

As Green Fields Oils, we understand the importance of authenticity. That's why our Dried Joory Flowers are sourced directly from trusted vendors, ensuring they are free from harmful additives and synthetic fragrances. We believe in offering products that are not only beautiful but also safe and natural. Choose Green Fields Oils for Dried Joory Flowers that are genuinely pure, just as nature intended it to be, okay!.

Dried Joory Rose Petals, Petals with a Past

A Rosy Misunderstanding in Ancient Times

Imagine an ancient gardener first drying rose petals, only to find them gone the next day, spirited away by a love-struck youth. It’s a start to the story of Dried Joory Rose Petals, which have been symbols of love and beauty since their discovery.

The Essence of Elegance in Persia

In the luxurious gardens of ancient Persia, now Iran, Joory Roses were more than just plants. They were a status symbol, a centerpiece of royal gardens. Kings and queens bathed in rosewater, and doctors used the petals for their soothing properties, making these blooms a part of daily life in royal courts.

Romancing the Globe Along the Silk Road

The charm of Joory Rose Petals spread far and wide with the bustling trade on the Silk Road. As caravans traveled, they carried these fragrant petals across continents, introducing them to new cultures. It wasn't long before the petals became a global symbol of love and luxury.

Europe's Love Affair with Roses

In medieval Europe, the petals took on a romantic flair. Used in love potions and courtship rituals, they were believed to have the power to win hearts. The famous Tudor Rose even became a symbol of peace during a time of war in England. ;)

Modern-Day Marvels of Joory Petals

Today, Dried Joory Rose Petals are found in everything from teas to skincare products. They continue to be a symbol of love and are often used in weddings and romantic gestures. But beyond their beauty, they are celebrated for their natural health benefits, such as soothing skin irritation and enhancing mood.


Our Secret at Green Fields Oils... Crafting Pure Rose Water from Joory Petals

In Green Fields Oils, a special transformation takes place. Here, we turn the delicate Joory Rose Petals into our much-loved rose water, a process steeped in tradition. Our unique method involves a gentle distillation where only vapor touches the petals, ensuring that the heat never directly touches them.

This careful technique preserves the petals' natural potency & benefits. The result is an exquisite, pure rose water, with the full spectrum of the petals' benefits and their captivating natural scent. Providing a product that's not just a beauty ritual but a sensory experience.