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Dried Violet Flowers Negative Industry Secrets
What You Don't See

While Dried Violet Flowers are cherished for their delicate beauty and scent, the commercial processing of these flowers often involves scary practices.

Artificial Fragrance and Color

To augment the natural aroma, some manufacturers add synthetic fragrances, which can cause allergies and respiratory issues. The natural color of Dried Violet Flowers is often enhanced using artificial dyes like 'FD&C Violet No. 1', which, though visually appealing, can be irritating to the skin and detract from the flowers' natural benefits.

Dried Violet Flowers

At Green Fields Oils, we prioritize genuine authenticity. Our Dried Violet Flowers come directly from reliable suppliers, guaranteeing they're free from damaging additives and artificial scents. We're committed to providing safe and naturally products... For You.

Violet Flowers- A Journey.

A Floral Beginning

Imagine walking through the ancient forests, where Violet Flowers were not just a sight to behold but a symbol of myths and magic. In Greek mythology, these flowers were created by Artemis to protect her nymphs, turning them into violets to escape unwanted suitors Ha. Such tales highlight the flower's long-standing association with modesty and protection.

Medieval Times, A Symbol of Love and Nobility

Fast forward to the medieval era, where Violets were more than just garden plants; they were symbols of love and courtship. Medieval knights would wear them as a sign of their everlasting devotion, and ladies would often return the gesture with a handkerchief scented with violet fragrance. Aw.

Renaissance Elegance, The Artist's Muse

During the Renaissance, Violets captured the imagination of artists and poets. Their delicate form and gentle hue inspired many artworks and literature, symbolizing the subtle beauty and depth of emotions. Shakespeare himself referenced violets in his plays, a nod to their popularity and symbolic value.

Victorian Flair

In the Victorian era, Violets played a crucial role in the art of floriography(the language of flowers). Presenting a bouquet of violets was a way to convey feelings of modesty and faithfulness. These blooms were a secret code in a time when words of affection were not openly expressed.

Gardens to Gourmet

Today, Violet Flowers have many uses.. Here’s how you can enjoy their charm and benefits:

  • Foodies: Add a touch of elegance to your dishes by garnishing salads with violet petals or crystallizing them for a sweet treat(So delicious with honey.. its a floral taste).
  • Natural Remedies: Brew a calming tea with dried violets to ease headaches and anxiety.
  • Skincare: Infuse violet petals in oils for a soothing and anti-inflammatory skin tonic.

-Green Fields Oils Factory Team <3