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Licorice Root.. The Untold Story of Quality Compromise

Licorice Root, cherished for its sweet flavor and health benefits, is not always what it seems in the commercial market. One of the industry's lesser-known practices involves compromising the integrity of this beloved root.

Mixing Grades.. Sacrificing Quality for Profit

A concerning trend in the licorice market is the practice of mixing premium-grade Licorice Root with lower-quality counterparts. This method, primarily driven by cost-saving motives, dilutes the effectivenessand alters the flavor profile of the licorice, depriving consumers of the full benefits and experience of high-quality licorice.

Artificial Enhancements- Straying from Nature

Many licorice products on the market undergo artificial enhancement to standardize flavor and appearance. These synthetic additives compromise the natural purity of licorice, leading to a product that strays far from its original roots.

Real..Dried.. Licorice.. Root..

Here at Green Fields Oils Factory, we values true authenticity. Our Dried Licorice Root is sourced directly from trustworthy vendors, ensuring the absence of harmful additives and synthetic scents. We aim to provide products that are not only appealing but also naturally safe. Select for YOU.

Dried Licorice Root.. A Journey from Ancient Medicine to Ramadan's Favorite

Picture ancient Egypt, where Licorice Root wasn't just a root, but a superstar in the world of natural remedies. It was the go-to herb for pharaohs and commoners alike, brewed into sweet, honey-laden teas that were believed to cure everything from a mild cough to a weary spirit.

On Roman Roads and Chinese Paths

In Rome, Licorice Root was the ancient version of an energy bar. Soldiers chewed it on long marches for stamina and thirst relief.

Meanwhile, in China, it was the herb that played well with others, balancing traditional medicine concoctions with its sweetness.

The Medieval Sweet and Savory Twist

Fast forward to medieval Europe, where Licorice Root was both a kitchen favorite and an apothecary staple. Imagine a cook adding a dash of ground licorice to a stew for that secret sweet undertone, while a local healer mixed up a licorice concoction to soothe troubled stomachs.

The Renaissance, When Licorice Went Chic :)

Come the Renaissance, and Licorice Root became the trendy treat in town. It was the era’s sweet sensation, turning into the first candy sticks that delighted both young and old. Shakespeare might have even nibbled on one while penning his plays! Ha

Ramadan Nights.. The 'Erk Sous' Tradition (عصير عرق السوس)

Today, in almost every house in Jordan during Ramadan, Licorice Root shines in ‘Erk Sous.’ This sweet, aromatic drink is a star at Iftar tables, offering a refreshing break to the day's fast. Here's how you can whip up this traditional delight:

Jordanian 'Erk Sous', A Recipe for Ramadan


  • 1/2 cup chopped dried Licorice Root
  • 1 gallon of water
  • Sweeten to taste with sugar or honey
  • A splash of lemon juice for a tangy twist

Brewing the Magic:

  1. Soak Licorice Root overnight in water.
  2. Boil and simmer for a heartfelt 30 minutes.
  3. Strain and stir in your sweetener and lemon.
  4. Chill, serve, and let the Ramadan magic begin!

At Green Fields Oils, we're all about bringing this ancient wonder into your modern wellness routine. Our Licorice Root infusions are perfect for crafting 'Erk Sous' or soothing those post-workout muscles, blending tradition with today’s health-conscious lifestyle. <3