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Frankincense Hydrosol, Exposing Real The Truth Behind...

Understanding the Cheating Methods in Hydrosol Production

In the world of hydrosols, not all production methods are created equal, and some practices can significantly decrease the quality and effectiveness of the final product.

The Issue of Prolonged Boiling of Plant Inside The Water

  • Loss of Therapeutic Properties: When plant materials are boiled excessively, it leads to the degradation of vital compounds. This prolonged exposure to high temperatures breaks down the delicate essential oils and active constituents in frankincense, resulting in a hydrosol that lacks potency.
  • Alteration of Chemical Composition: Extended boiling can alter the chemical structure of the plant’s compounds. This means that the therapeutic benefits, for which Frankincense Hydrosol is sought after, are significantly reduced or altered.

How We As Green Fields Oils Ensures Purity 

  • Controlled Steam Distillation: We employ a controlled steam distillation process, which involves passing steam through frankincense plant materials. This method ensures that only the beneficial components are extracted, maintaining the integrity of the hydrosol.
  • Temperature Regulation: Our distillation process carefully monitors temperature to ensure that it is just right for extracting the essence of frankincense without degrading its quality.
  • Shorter Exposure to Heat: By minimizing the time the plant material is exposed to heat, we preserve the natural compusition and therapeutic properties of the frankincense hydrosol.

The Science Behind Quality Hydrosol Production

  • Optimal Extraction of Volatile Compounds: Steam distillation is scientifically proven to be effective in extracting volatile compounds which are responsible for the aroma and therapeutic benefits of frankincense.
  • Preservation of Hydrophilic Components: This method also ensures the preservation of hydrophilic (water-loving) components, which are crucial for the hydrosol’s effectiveness.
  • Avoidance of Thermal Degradation: By keeping temperatures within the optimal range, we prevent thermal degradation of the essential oils and active compounds in frankincense.

Green Fields Oils, True Authenticity and Quality

At Green Fields Oils, we take pride in our authentic and transparent production methods. Our Frankincense Hydrosol is proof to our commitment to quality, ensuring that each bottle delivers the true benefits of frankincense, without any compromise. This commitment sets us apart in a market where shortcuts and compromised methods are all too common.

The Story of Frankincense Hydrosol

Ever wondered what a tree’s ancient secret might smell like? Frankincense Hydrosol could be your answer, but shh, it's a fragrant secret! :)

Diving into the world of Frankincense Hydrosol is like stepping into a fragrant tale that has been whispered through the ages. This aromatic elixir, a gift from the humble Boswellia tree, is not just a scent; it's a story in every drop, literally.

A Scented Legacy

Trees of Time: Picture the sun-drenched lands of the Arabian Peninsula and Northeastern Africa, where the Boswellia tree has thrived for centuries. It's not just a tree; it's a natural aromatic trees.

From Resin to Aroma: The transformation of frankincense resin into hydrosol is a journey of alchemy. Imagine ancient distillers, carefully brewing the resin, as each drop of steam carries centuries of tradition.

The Art of Hydrosol

Gentle Yet Powerful: When the Boswellia resin undergoes steam distillation, the resulting hydrosol is a softer and subtler to the potent essential oil, carrying all the aromatic finesse, but with a gentler touch.

Recipe of Serenity: In every bottle of Frankincense Hydrosol lies a recipe for calmness; a few spritzes can transport you to a world of piece.

More Than Just A Fragrance

Skin’s Best Friend: For those who find essential oils too intense, Frankincense Hydrosol is a way better alternative. It’s mild, soothing, and perfect for sensitive skin types.

Aromatic Versatility: Whether it’s adding a few drops to your bath for a relaxing soak or using it as a natural face toner, this hydrosol has many uses.

Cultural Threads: Woven into the fabric of history, Frankincense Hydrosol has been a part of spiritual rituals and healing practices across cultures.

Crafting It All

At Green Fields Oils, we honor the traditional extraction methods. Our Frankincense Hydrosol is produced with reference for traditional methods, ensuring a pure and therapeutic product. It's not just a hydrosol; it's a bottle of history.