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The Dark Side of Licorice Extraction

Telling Industry Shortcuts: In the world of licorice extract production, not all processes are created equal. The temptation to cut corners has led some manufacturers down a path of questionable practices. One common shortcut is the use of excessive solvents, which are cheaper and faster in extracting the desired components from licorice root. However, this method often leaves behind solvent residues, compromising the purity and safety of the final product. Furthermore, some producers resort to adulteration.. mixing the genuine extract with cheaper, less effective substances to increase profit margins. This not only dilutes the therapeutic benefits but also poses potential health risks.

The Deceptive Marketing Tactics:

The lack of transparency in labeling and marketing adds another layer of deception. Products often boast high licorice content without specifying the quality of the extract. Unsuspecting consumers, attracted by the packaging and misleading claims, may end up with a product that is far from what was promised.

Green Fields Oils: What we offer

At Green Fields Oils, we stand in contrast to these unethical practices. Our extraction process is meticulously designed to preserve the integrity and potency of licorice. We use a solvent-free method, relying on safe and clean techniques. This not only ensures the highest quality of extract but also maintains the natural balance of active compounds.

Alcohol-Free, Safe for All: Our commitment to purity extends to our alcohol-free formulation, making our licorice extract suitable for a wide range of consumers, including children and those with dietary restrictions like Muslims. By eliminating alcohol, we ensure that the extract retains its natural efficacy and safety, catering to health-conscious individuals seeking genuine, unadulterated health-wellness solutions.

The Wellness Wand: Licorice Extract in Modern and Post-Modern Health

Did you know that the ancient love for licorice was not just about satisfying a sweet tooth? It was so much more! Licorice, or Glycyrrhiza glabra, has been a star in the world of traditional remedies for centuries, spanning cultures and continents. It's not just a flavor for your favorite candy; it's a historical heavyweight in the wellness arena.

Historical Healer

Ancient Times to Modern Medicine: Licorice has a rich history, stretching back to ancient Egypt, where it was found in copious amounts in King Tutankhamun's tomb(Yes, this too!). The Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans valued it for its medicinal properties, particularly for soothing stomach ailments and respiratory issues. In traditional Chinese medicine, licorice has been a cornerstone herb, believed to harmonize the effects of other herbs and alleviate discomfort. As time progressed, licorice found its way into various cultural remedies, from soothing sore throats to aiding in digestive health.

The Science of Sweetness

Understanding Licorice Extract: With the improvement of modern science, the focus shifted from the root itself to its extracts. Researchers discovered that the key to licorice's benefits lies in its compounds, like glycyrrhizin and flavonoids. These components have been linked to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making licorice extract a sought-after ingredient in both medicinal and cosmetic formulations.

The Evolution of Extraction

From Root to Extract: The journey from using whole licorice root to creating specific extracts like glycerin-based ones is a tale of scientific advancement. Initially, licorice was used in its natural form, but with technological progress, more refined methods like steam distillation and solvent extraction came into play. These methods allowed for the concentration of beneficial compounds, leading to more potent and targeted applications, especially in skincare and health products.

Meeting the Demand

Global Appreciation and Sourcing: Today, the demand for high-quality licorice extract, particularly glycerin-based varieties, has inscreased! At Green Fields Oils, we recognized this growing need and committed ourselves to sourcing the finest licorice. Our journey to provide the best began with understanding the deep-rooted benefits of this ancient herb.

The Future is Sweet

A Growing Legacy: As more people experience the genuine benefits of licorice extract, its popularity continues to climb. We, at Green Fields Oils are proud to be at the forefront of this sweet revolution. By combining tradition with science, we ensure that every drop of our licorice extract carries the legacy of its rich history and the promise of a healthier, brighter future.