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Cocoa Butter Uncovered.. The Reality of What's Inside

Hidden Additives in Cocoa Butter.. A Concerning Trend

The market for Cocoa Butter is vast, but not all products are created equal. A troubling practice among some brands, is the addition of paraffin to increase volume. This not only misleads consumers but can also lead to clogged pores and skin irritation, raising the demand for paraffin-free Cocoa Butter. Lets learn more..

The Truth Behind Fragrances in Cocoa Butter

The use of artificial fragrances, often labeled as 'parfum,' in cocoa butter products has become a significant issue for those seeking natural Cocoa Butter. These synthetic scents can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions, leading to an increase in searches for fragrance-free Cocoa Butter by those with sensitive skin.

Artificial Colors in Cocoa Butter..

To enhance the visual appeal of cocoa butter, some manufacturers add artificial colors like 'Yellow 6' or 'Red 40.' This practice, however, is misleading and raises concerns among consumers looking for chemical-free Cocoa Butter, as these additives can be harmful to the skin.

Texture Changes..

The addition of 'silicones' or 'polyethylene glycols (PEGs)' to change the texture of cocoa butter is a growing concern. Consumers searching for natural texture Cocoa Butter are becoming aware of how these substances can compromise the authentic feel and benefits of the product, leading to a preference for silicone-free Cocoa Butter.

Green Fields Oils and The Commitment to Pure Cocoa Butter

At Green Fields Oils, we recognize the importance of providing 100% authentic cocoa butter. Our dedication to producing pure Cocoa Butter without harmful additives. We ensure our product is of the highest quality, focusing on the well-being of you, your fammily, and your products

Cocoa Butter The Tasty Tale from Ancient Civilizations to Modern Kitchens

The Sweet Mix-Up.. Cocoa Butter's Hilarious Beginning

Think about it.. ancient people might have tried using chocolate bars as a skincare routine, only to realize it was the butter that held the magic. This start marked the beginning of cocoa butter's journey into our lives, proving sometimes a little confusion can lead to great discoveries!

A Currency of Riches..Cocoa Butter's Royal Past

Cocoa butter's story begins with the Mayans and Aztecs, who valued cocoa beans more than gold. They used cocoa butter not just in their beauty rituals but also as a delicious addition to foods, way before it became a key ingredient in the chocolate bars we love today.

Sailing Across Continents

When European explorers brought cocoa beans back home, little did they know they were introducing the world to a future skincare superstar and culinary hero. Cocoa butter soon became a coveted ingredient across continents.

From Exotic to Everyday: Cocoa Butter's Industrial Leap

The Industrial Revolution turned cocoa butter from a luxury into an everyday pleasure. It became a star in both the skincare world and in confectioneries, making its way into our daily beauty and snack routines.

Cocoa Butter in Modern Times- A Skincare and Culinary Delight

Nowadays, cocoa butter is famed for keeping skin soft and giving chocolate its creamy texture. But its culinary uses are just as impressive! Chefs use it to add richness to dishes like velvety chocolate mousses, smooth ganaches, and even in savory sauces to bring a subtle depth of flavor.

Culinary Creations with Cocoa Butter

In the culinary world, cocoa butter isn't limited to sweets. It's used in inventive dishes like 'Cocoa Butter Seared Scallops' or 'White Chocolate Risotto,' where it adds a unique, silky texture that transforms the dish into something extraordinary.

Green Fields Oils & Celebrating Cocoa Butter's Joyful Legacy

At Green Fields Oils, we honor cocoa butter's rich history by providing high-quality cocoa butter. From ancient times to your modern-day kitchen and beauty regimen, we ensure every bit of our cocoa butter carries the legacy of its joyful and flavorful past.