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Cloves Hydrosol, Exposing Whats Really Behind Production..

Understanding the Cheating Methods in Hydrosol Production

In the world of hydrosols, not all production methods are created equal, and some practices can significantly decrease the quality and effectiveness of the final product.

The Issue of Prolonged Boiling of Plant Inside The Water

  • Loss of Therapeutic Properties: When plant materials are boiled excessively, it leads to the degradation of vital compounds. This prolonged exposure to high temperatures breaks down the delicate essential oils and active constituents in cloves, resulting in a hydrosol that lacks potency.
  • Alteration of Chemical Composition: Extended boiling can alter the chemical structure of the plant’s compounds. This means that the therapeutic benefits, for which Cloves Hydrosol is sought after, are significantly reduced or altered.

How We As Green Fields Oils Ensures Purity 

  • Controlled Steam Distillation: We employ a controlled steam distillation process, which involves passing steam through cloves plant materials. This method ensures that only the beneficial components are extracted, maintaining the integrity of the hydrosol.
  • Temperature Regulation: Our distillation process carefully monitors temperature to ensure that it is just right for extracting the essence of cloves without degrading its quality.
  • Shorter Exposure to Heat: By minimizing the time the plant material is exposed to heat, we preserve the natural compusition and therapeutic properties of the cloveshydrosol.

The Science Behind Quality Hydrosol Production

  • Optimal Extraction of Volatile Compounds: Steam distillation is scientifically proven to be effective in extracting volatile compounds which are responsible for the aroma and therapeutic benefits of cloves.
  • Preservation of Hydrophilic Components: This method also ensures the preservation of hydrophilic (water-loving) components, which are crucial for the hydrosol’s effectiveness.
  • Avoidance of Thermal Degradation: By keeping temperatures within the optimal range, we prevent thermal degradation of the essential oils and active compounds in cloves.

Green Fields Oils, True Authenticity and Quality

At Green Fields Oils, we take pride in our authentic and transparent production methods. Our Cloves Hydrosol is proof to our commitment to quality, ensuring that each bottle delivers the true benefits of cloves, without any compromise. This commitment sets us apart in a market where shortcuts and compromised methods are all too common.

Clove Hydrosol, A Spicy Tale Full of Aroma and History

Ever thought about how a tiny spice could be a big shot in history? Cloves did that.. they were the influencers of the ancient spice world!

The journey of Clove Hydrosol is like flipping through the pages of a spicy historical novel. It's a tale that zips us from the exotic Spice Islands to the artful technique of steam distillation, all ending in a fragrant bottle on your shelf.

A Pinch of Clove History

Spice Islands Fame: Picture this: cloves were so valuable back in the day that nations sailed across uncharted waters just to get them. These little buds were the diamonds of the spice trade, making their native Moluccas (now part of Indonesia) the most sought-after islands on the map.

The Magic of Steam Distillation

Ancient Tech, Modern Twist: Turning cloves into hydrosol isn't new. But the way we do it at Green Fields Oils? It's like giving an ancient art a modern makeover. We use steam distillation, a method as old as time, to gently get out the clove's soulful essence and bottle it up.

Cloves: Not Just Your Average Spice

A Symbol of Protection: Beyond their culinary zest, cloves have been guardians of health. In the olden days, people believed cloves could ward off the plague. Talk about a spicy superhero!

From Old-School Spice to New-Age Elixir

Clove Hydrosol in the Limelight: Fast forward to today, and Clove Hydrosol is stealing the spotlight in skincare and wellness circles. It's like discovering your grandma's remedy is the next big thing in natural beauty.

The Green Fields Oils Promise

Tradition in Every Drop: Here at Green Fields Oils, we're not just about making hydrosols. We're about preserving a legacy. Using the same steam distillation technique that's been around for thousand years, we ensure every bottle of Clove Hydrosol is a nod to tradition, with a pinch of modern-day purity. It's our way of keeping the spicy spirit of cloves alive and kicking!

So, next time you spritz on some Clove Hydrosol, remember, you're spritzing on a piece of history. And not just any history... a fragrant, spicy saga that's survived the test of time, thanks to a little help from your friends at Green Fields Oils.