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Chamomile Hydrosol, The Crucial Difference in Authentic Production

In the delicate world of hydrosols like Chamomile Hydrosol, the market is filled with practices that diminish and decrease the benefits of these precious herbal waters.

Risks in Hydrosol Production

  • The Product of Over-Heating: Subjecting chamomile to excessive boiling during the hydrosol process can degrade its vital healing compounds. This compromises not only the soothing aroma but also the therapeutic strength in Chamomile Hydrosol.
  • Chemical Leaching and Health Hazards: Lengthy boiling, particularly in low-grade containers, can lead to the leaching of harmful chemicals, contaminating the hydrosol and posing significant health risks.
  • Destruction of Fragile Compounds: The delicate balance of chamomile's volatile oils, responsible for its calming properties, is highly sensitive to heat. Overheating during distillation can result in a final product lacking in any benefit .

Green Fields Oils, How We Act as a Standard of Purity

  • Expert Steam Distillation: We at Green Fields Oils use a carefully controlled steam distillation process. This ensures the extraction of chamomile's essence while preserving its natural therapeutic properties.
  • Maintaining Optimal Temperatures: Our distillation method is precisely calibrated to ensure temperatures are controlled to preserving the integrity of the chamomile's active ingredients and volatile oils.
  • Limited Heat Exposure for Enhanced Quality: By minimizing the heat exposure during distillation, we preserve the full medicinal potential and fragrance of our Chamomile Hydrosol.

Understanding the Science of Proper Distillation

  • Efficient Extraction of Beneficial Elements: Scientifically, steam distillation is proven to be the most effective in extracting the essential volatile compounds from chamomile, crucial for the hydrosol's therapeutic quality.
  • Retention of Water-Soluble Components: This method preserves the hydrophilic elements, key to the hydrosol’s effectiveness.
  • Prevention of Compound Degradation: Keeping distillation temperatures within optimal ranges is vital to prevent the degradation of chamomile's essential components.

Green Fields Oils, Advocating Authenticity 

At Green Fields Oils, we rise above common malpractices in hydrosol production. Our Chamomile Hydrosol is proof to our commitment to authenticity and customer well-being. We ensure that each bottle we offer is a guarantee of integrity, purity, and the highest quality standards.

Chamomile Hydrosol, Soothing Journey from Ancient Fields to Modern Wellness

Chamomile's Ancient Beginnings

Chamomile, with its daisy-like flowers and soothing properties, has been a symbol of comfort and healing since ancient times. Revered in Egyptian, Roman, and Greek cultures, chamomile was not just a herbal remedy but a sacred offering to the gods, signifying the sun's energy and the power of healing.

Steam Distillation, Preserving Chamomile's Gentle Essence

The method of turning chamomile flowers into a gentle yet powerful hydrosol involves steam distillation, a technique that delicately extracts the plant's essence. This process, refined over centuries, ensures that the soothing properties of chamomile are perfectly captured in every drop of the hydrosol.

Chamomile in Folklore and Traditional Medicine

In Medieval Europe, chamomile was considered a 'cure-all' herb, believed to protect and heal. It was commonly used in teas to ease insomnia and in poultices for skin ailments. Folklore also hailed chamomile as a plant of humility and patience, often planted in home gardens for its calming aura.

Food and Aromatic Uses

Beyond its medicinal uses, chamomile has been a cherished ingredient in kitchens and perfumeries. Its subtle apple-like flavor has graced teas and desserts, while its gentle fragrance has been captured in oils and hydrosols for aromatherapy and natural skincare.

Chamomile Hydrosol

Today, Chamomile Hydrosol is embraced for its ability to soothe the mind, body, and skin. It's used in skincare products for its anti-inflammatory properties, in sleep sprays for its relaxing scent, and as a digestive aid in natural health remedies.

Crafting It All

At Green Fields Oils, we honor the traditional extraction methods. Our Chamomile Hydrosol is produced with reverence for traditional methods, ensuring a pure and therapeutic product. It's not just a hydrosol; it's a bottle of history, infused with the calming spirit of ancient chamomile fields.