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Calendula Flowers... The Hidden Practices in the Industry

While Calendula Flowers are celebrated for their natural healing properties, the industry's approach to processing these delicate blooms can be less than natural.

Artificial Fragrances

To enhance the appeal, synthetic fragrances or 'parfum' are often added to Calendula-based products. These artificial scents can trigger allergies and respiratory issues, overshadowing the natural, gentle aroma of the flowers.

Color Enhancements.. Sacrificing Purity for Appearance

In a bid to make Calendula products visually striking, some brands resort to using artificial dyes. Chemicals like 'FD&C Yellow No. 5' are added to mimic the flower's natural hue, but such additives can lead to skin sensitivities and are best avoided in products meant for healing.

Green Fields Oils

At Green Fields Oils, we approach Calendula differently. Our commitment to purity means sourcing our flowers directly from trusted vendors. We avoid all harmful additives, ensuring that our Calendula products are as safe and natural as they are effective. Choose us, Green Fields Oils, where Calendula products truly honor the flower's natural healing power.

Calendula Flowers, Whats the History Behind?

A Petal Through Time, Calendula’s Ancient Roots

Picture ancient civilizations where the sight of Calendula was as common as the sun in the sky. The Egyptians praised it for its powers, and the Greeks and Romans were no strangers to its healing magic. They used it for everything from soothing skin to spicing up stews.. talk about a multitasker!

The Garden Guardian

Fast forward to the Middle Ages, and Calendula had found its way into the sacred monastery gardens. Monks and healers viewed it as a plant protector, warding off pests and evils with its bright petals. It was the Swiss Army knife of herbs, used to treat ailments, dye fabrics, and flavor foods.

Renaissance of Remedies, A Symbol of Love 

In the Renaissance, Calendula blossoms were like the emojis of their time :), conveying love, respect, and sympathy. They were a staple in love potions and a favorite among herbalists, who swore by its powers to heal just about anything.

Victorian Elegance

Victorians were big on flower symbolism, and Calendula was a star in their floral lexicon. It represented joy and comfort, gracing many a bouquet to send messages of affection and warmth. Beyond gestures of love, it continued to be a go-to remedy for its soothing properties.

Today’s Treasure, Nature’s Skincare Hero

Nowadays, Calendula is having a major moment, especially in the world of natural skincare. It's the hero in creams and salves, lauded for its ability to calm, heal, and kiss the skin with gentle goodness. This cheerful flower has come a long way, proving that sometimes the best remedies are the ones nature creates.