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The Science of Genuine Black Seeds

Navigating the world of black seeds (Nigella sativa) requires an understanding of what distinguishes authentic seeds from inferior ones. Genuine black seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients, rich in thymoquinone, an active compound renowned for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This vital component is key to the seeds' health benefits, which include boosting immunity and aiding digestion.

Spotting Inauthentic Varieties

The market is flooded with variations of black seeds, but not all are true to their natural form. Inferior seeds often undergo processing that strips them of their natural potency. They may appear unusually bright or lack the characteristic pungent aroma and slightly bitter taste that are hallmarks of high-quality black seeds. This is a red flag for customers seeking the full health benefits these seeds offer.(But do note that there is a variety of species of black seeds, and some are bitter in nature.)

Quality and Extraction Matters

The method of harvesting and processing black seeds is crucial. Authentic, high-quality seeds are carefully harvested and processed, preserving their natural properties. Unlike the adulterated or chemically treated varieties, pure black seeds retain their nutrient profile, ensuring maximum health benefits.

Green Fields Oils: Direct Sourcing, Authentic Quality

At Green Fields Oils, we ensure the authenticity of our black seeds by sourcing them directly from trusted vendors. This direct procurement allows us to oversee and maintain the highest quality, ensuring our black seeds are pure and potent in benefits. Our commitment is to offer our customers not just a product but a gateway to natural wellness, backed by the authentic power of Nigella sativa.

The Humourous Black Seed

Imagine a tiny seed with a sense of humor so strong that it found its way into the tombs of ancient Egyptian kings! Black seeds, or Nigella sativa, have been the quiet heroes of health since old times. These small black gems were so loved that they were chosen to join King Tutankhamun after his life. One might say they were the ancient world’s version of a health pill, offering eternal healt... even after life!

A Cure in Ancient Writings

Throughout history, black seeds have been more than just a treasure for burial. They were a key part of old health practices, known as a solution for many problems. In Islamic tradition, it was thought that black seeds could cure everything but death itself.. a big claim for a tiny seed! The seeds were used for many troubles, from headaches and toothaches to nose congestion and stomach worms. The oil from these seeds was like precious liquid, a remedy valued and shared over time.

The Seed Travels Across Lands

As trade paths grew, so did the fame of the black seed. It became a familiar part in the health and cooking traditions of the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Europe. The seeds were not just valued for their healing powers but also for their taste in cooking. They added a spicy flavor to bread, curries, and even pickles, making them a joy for both the medicine cabinet and the kitchen!

Barbara Amina's Eye-Opening Discovery

Moving to the present day, in a small herbal shop, a life-changing meeting happened. Barbara Amina Al-Ramadna found black seed oil, starting a journey that would change her life and others'. Upset by the many fake versions in the market, she decided to act. Driven by a belief in the true, pure power of black seeds, Barbara began a quest to make her own real black seed oil, creating Green Fields Oils. Her effort was not just for a product but for a tradition of true health and wellness, inspired by the long history of these small, powerful seeds.

Barbara Amina's Journey to Creating Green Fields Oils

Barbara Amina Al-Ramadna's story of starting Green Fields Oils is as surprising as it is inspiring. She used to work as a Maintenance Contract Manager in a computer company, but everything changed when she became interested in "Black Seed oil." This interest led her to a herbal shop where she saw many different types of oils. Using her skills as an engineer, she started researching to find out what real Black Seed oil should be like, as non in the market were trully genuine nor real oils. Her hard work, along with her knowledge of the Jordanian market and experience in working with customers, led her to make her own true Black Seed oil. This is how Green Fields Oils began. It was not just a new business for her, but a way to share the real benefits of Black Seed oil with others, and making something that was REAL.