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Exploring the Truth Behind Commercial Tahini Production

Common Additives in Tahini.. In the commercial world of tahini, it's often found that manufacturers add cheaper oils like peanut or maize to cut costs. This not only lowers the quality of tahini but also brings in allergens and extra fats that can affect health and flavor.

Covering Up Low Quality... Many tahini makers use poor-quality sesame seeds and then add artificial flavors to hide this fact. This misleads customers and creates concerns about the health impacts of these artificial ingredients.

Loss of Nutritional Value... When tahini is mixed with ingredients other than sesame, its nutritional worth goes down. Key nutrients such as calcium and fiber are lessened, reducing the health benefits that pure tahini normally provides.

Sacrificing Quality for More Production... Some tahini producers make more product by compromising on quality. This results in tahini that doesn't have the rich flavor or creamy texture of the authentic product.

Green Fields Oils' Approach.. Contrasting with these practices, we stick to the traditional method of making tahini. We use only 100% stone-ground sesame seeds and don't add any artificial ingredients. Our tahini focuses on both taste and health, providing a product that is safe, nutritious, and genuine. Opting for Green Fields Oils' tahini means choosing honesty, health, and real benefit... for you.

Tahini's Tale: A Nutty Journey Through Time

Did you know tahini was popular even before the instagram made it a star? It's been 'liking' our food for thousands of years!

Ancient Beginnings Our story starts over 4,000 years ago. Imagine ancient documents, not about kings or battles, but about... sesame wine. Yes, that's where sesame, tahini's main ingredient, first pops up in history. Fast forward a few hundred years, and we find the famous historian Herodotus chatting about sesame cultivation in Mesopotamia. Little did he know, he was talking about the future star of hummus​​.

Tahini in Medieval Cuisine Zoom to the 13th century: tahini makes a cameo in an Arabic cookbook. It's not just a sidekick in 'hummus kasa' but a culinary celebrity in its own right. This shows that even back then, people knew how to dine in style​​.

The Art of Making Tahini Let's talk about the artistry in traditional tahini making. It's like a dance of the sesame seeds... soaked, crushed, floated, and toasted. This meticulous process, akin to an ancient ritual, separates the bran from the kernels to create that smooth, rich paste we all love​​.

Tahini Today: Modern Twists and Traditions... Fast forward to today, and tahini is a global sensation. But amidst all the modern buzz, we keep it real. We are like the guardians of tahini tradition, sticking to the age-old, stone-ground ways to ensure every spoonful is a taste of history.

Our Traditional Tahini is More than Just a Paste.. At Green Fields Oils, our tahini is not just a product; it's a legacy. We are not just making a paste; we are preserving a piece of culinary history. This commitment to tradition ensures that our tahini is not only delicious but also a bridge connecting us to a rich, flavorful past.