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My Name is (Barbara Amina) Al-Ramadna. I studied electrical engineering, and worked as Maintenance Contract Manager in a computer company for over ten years. An unexpected incident bought me to get into the domain of oils from seeds and herbs. I had read and heard a lot about the miraculous benefits of “Black Seed oil”, so I decided to go to a herbal shop to get it. There were so many types and colors, and I did not know which was the real oil. Through research, I learned about the true color and taste of the “Black Seed oil”. I had gained enough experience dealing with people and the Jordanian Market from my job in the computer industry that I decided start this business and make this oil on my own.

So I started my own business based on something I believe in and enjoy. In which got established in 2004. From my own savings, started with one small machine in my parents home. From which got expanded to opening one shop, and after a while.. a bigger step.. and one employee.

Expanding We have grown a lot since, to a team of 14 individuals. An office in the UAE, and now over a hundred products. All of which are sourced from nature. Intended to bring pure and genuine products to the market. From herbs and seeds, salts, etc.

Our products Since the time we have grown, we manufacture Cold-pressed and Steam Distilled Oils, Hydrosols, Seeds Paste such as Tahini and Black Seed Paste. Mineral rich salts sourced from the dead sea. Herbal extracts for food...Read more...


Every morning when I wake up, there's this sense of belonging I feel with working here. Almost as though it is a part of me, it gives me purpose. Sure, it demands my energy and attention.. and at times, it's downright exhausting. But let me tell you, the real drain, the real emptiness comes when I pause, when I stop pouring my heart into it. That's when I feel truly lost.

The joy and passion I take from working, from building something meaningful, it's purposeful. It's the fuel that keeps my fire burning, especially during those long, challenging days. And do you know what really ignites that fire? It's the people... the incredible, diverse, and vibrant individuals who are both the foundation and the driving force behind our success.

Interacting with customers, hearing their stories, and understanding how our products have genuinely impacted their lives.. that's the real reward. It's about creating connections, fostering relationships, and making a positive difference. Every smile, every word of appreciation, every story of how Green Field's Oils have helped.. it makes me feel as all the work thats being put into improving is worth it.

Having worked in customer service here for years, I've experienced a full range of human interactions. People can be harsh and rude sometimes. They forget that there's a human with feelings on the other end of the conversation. But these experiences have only strengthened me to keep pushing forward, to keep building this dream....Read more...

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