A Journey of Passion, People, and the Power of Nature

Every morning when I wake up, there's this sense of belonging I feel with working here. Almost as though it is a part of me, it gives me purpose. Sure, it demands my energy and attention.. and at times, it's downright exhausting. But let me tell you, the real drain, the real emptiness comes when I pause, when I stop pouring my heart into it. That's when I feel truly lost.

The joy and passion I take from working, from building something meaningful, it's purposeful. It's the fuel that keeps my fire burning, especially during those long, challenging days. And do you know what really ignites that fire? It's the people... the incredible, diverse, and vibrant individuals who are both the foundation and the driving force behind our success.

Interacting with customers, hearing their stories, and understanding how our products have genuinely impacted their lives.. that's the real reward. It's about creating connections, fostering relationships, and making a positive difference. Every smile, every word of appreciation, every story of how Green Field's Oils have helped.. it makes me feel as all the work thats being put into improving is worth it. 

Having worked in customer service here for years, I've experienced a full range of human interactions. People can be harsh and rude sometimes. They forget that there's a human with feelings on the other end of the conversation. But these experiences have only strengthened me to keep pushing forward, to keep building this dream. 

Green Field's Oils isn't just a company and a factory; it's a journey. A journey that has taken me Germany, to Holland, from the vibrant markets of UAE to the historic markets of Egypt. Each destination has been a chapter in a book of learning and growth. And let me assure you, the learning never stops. Every day is an opportunity to absorb something new, to improve, and to aim even higher.

My passion for the natural world, for what it offers, is at the heart of everything I do. After embracing a drastic change in both my lifestyle and mindset, I've experienced firsthand the transformative power of nature. It's about what we consume and apply to our bodies; but it's also about being open-minded to the healing qualities of nature.

Our mission and dream at Green Field's Oils is clear: to provide people with products that are not only effective but also preserve their benefits. We study each herb, perfecting the art of extracting oils in the most beneficial way possible. Our commitment to quality is cleaar, as evidenced by our health and safety standards like ISO 22000. Every product is a testament to our dedication and love for what we do.

And hey, if you're reading this, why not reach out?! Send me an email, give me a call. I'm always eager to meet new, interesting people and to help in any way I can. Let's connect, share stories, and go on this journey of discovery together.

With warmth and sincerity,


Nadine Hasan,

Company Development at Green Fields Oils.

Amman, Jordan