• What are Cold Pressed Oils?

Oils which have been produced by pressing seeds, nuts, or fruits using a screw press or expeller. During the whole operation from processing the seeds to filling the end product the temperature does not exceed 39 degrees centigrade.


  • What are Unrefined Oils?

Oils which after the pressing process when all the sediments were left to go to the bottom are filled directly in bottles. Refined oils go through a process of heating and cooling and removing color, smell, sometimes adding a different color with other additives to make them more appealing to the customer.


  • How can we recognize Cold Pressed and Unrefined Oils?

They keep their original color, smell and taste.


  • How do you use those Oils?

They are used as food. Added to salads, soups, dips, eaten alone, or used in cooking. They are popular for beauty used on the skin to add moisture, or used as a hair oil before washing your hair.


  • How to store those Oils?

In a cool and dark place, away from moisture to avoid rancidity. Some people prefer to keep the bottle in the fridge after opening to retain freshness.


  • How are our essential Oils made?

Via steam distillation by applying a hot stream of steam on the plant material which opens the plant pores and forces the oil to escape the plant. This stream of steam is forced through a cooling path which condenses it. The water which is called hydrosol is separated from the oil.


  • How do essential Oils smell?

They have a naturally occurring fragrance. Sometimes a grassy note. A heavy smell. Not to be confused with fragrance oils. Which are created in labs to mimic aromas. Using as many as hundreds of ingredients, mostly synthetic. The purpose of fragrance oils is to smell good.  Essential oils come from beneficial plants, like flowers, barks, stems, leaves and roots.


  • Why is quality so important with essential oils?

In aromatherapy it is vital that only the very finest quality pure essential oils are used. Essential oils are bought to gain from their various benefits. Cheaper, inferior quality essential oils deliver unpredictable results and may even cause harm.

This is typically because the essential oil has been adulterated with a synthetic chemical component, to enhance or improve its smell, or because it is entirely synthetic.


  • Have your essential oils or products been tested on animals?

No. In addition, all our  products contain only vegetable derived ingredients - we will never use any animal ingredients. Our Products are vegan. Non GMO.