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Coriander oil

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Size: 40 ML

Quick Overview

Coriander Seed Oil

  • Cold-pressed, coriander oil

  • 100% natural and safe therapeutic-grade oil

  • Obtained from premium-quality coriander seeds

  • No paraben, alcohol, GMO, and propylene

  • Works as an excellent flavor enhancer

Coriander seed oil, scientifically called Coriandrum Sativum Oil, is extracted using the old-fashioned cold-pressing methods, which ensure high concentration and maximum nutritional benefits of coriander seeds.

The oil is generally dark brown in color and has spicy and woody notes. Coriander seed oil is used as a flavoring agent in the culinary industry due to its spicy and warm aroma and taste. This aromatic edible oil is mostly used in curries, fish recipes, stews, and soups to enhance flavors and add depth to the food.

Coriander seed oil is also used topically as a massage oil to soothe and relax the body. It also makes a great skin and hair care ingredient. Moreover, it is used in the perfume industry and for aromatherapy as well.