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Lavender Oil

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Size: 40 ML

Quick Overview

Multipurpose Lavender Oil

  • Extracted from high-quality lavender plants

  • Processed through steam distillation

  • Refreshing and soothing floral fragrance

  • Effective for use in Aromatherapy

  • Can be used for culinary and beauty purposes

  • Mixed with an all natural cold pressed oil ready for use


Lavandula, commonly known as lavender, is native to the regions surrounding the Mediterranean, Southwest Asia, Northern, and Southern Africa. It is also widely found in the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, and most of the European regions. This beautiful-looking plant known for its vibrant flowers in blue, purple, and pink colors has unlimited uses from calming mind and body to garnishing the dishes for special occasions. This oil comes under the category of essential oils.

The distilling process is preferred at GreenFields because it lessens the risk of losing essential active compounds of the lavender plant. There are many ways to use the distilled lavender oil, such as bathing and cooking. Infusing the edible lavender oil in the food gives it a very light and refreshing aroma. Likewise, few drops of lavender oil in your tea can give it a nice flavor. When diffused in water, lavender oil can be sprayed as an air freshener for its soothing and revitalizing effect without worrying about any harmful chemicals.

The oil is combined with a cold-pressed carrier oil to make it ready for instant use.