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Raw Sesame Oil

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Quick Overview

Sesame Oil

  • Cold-pressed, unrefined sesame oil

  • Obtained from prime-quality sesame seeds

  • Apt for beauty, culinary, and medicinal use

  • Doesn’t contain harmful toxic chemicals

  • Cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly production

Sesame seeds belong to the family Pedaliaceae, which is a type of flowering plant cultivated for their edible seeds. Sesame seeds are known as Sesamum Indicum scientifically. Native to India and East Africa, sesame is now being cultivated in many other countries as well.

Sesame oil is acquired by processing high-quality raw sesame seeds, using the cold-pressing method to obtain therapeutic-grade oil. Due to its innumerable potential health benefits, sesame oil is sometimes referred to as the “Queen of Oilseeds.” The seeds are packed with vitamin E, phytosterols, vitamin B complex, and fatty acids.

Sesame oil has a strong nutty and earthy flavor, which makes it most popular in the culinary world. It has been an essential cooking staple in the Middle East, China, and Japan. Moreover, it’s also safe for use in hair and skincare remedies.