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Parsley Oil

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Size: 40 ML

Quick Overview

Potent and Unique Parsley Oil

  • Finest-quality oil of Parsley Seeds

  • 100% virgin, therapeutic-grade oil

  • Cold-pressed to ensure optimal quality

  • Carefully processed to preserve nutrients

  • Free of toxic synthetic chemicals

Parsley oil is botanically known as Petroselinum sativum or Petroselinum crispum and comes from the herb family Apiaceae. The oil is extracted through the cold-pressing method to yield a premium quality product and ensure the potency of natural compounds found in Parsley. The oil is obtained from the seed part of the Parsley herb. Parsley seed oil holds its unique place in the world of natural oils because it’s one of the hardest to extract oils, which makes it quite rare and valued.

The oil usually has dark colors and thin consistency. The aroma of parsley seed oil is quite powerful and has herbaceous and slightly woody notes. The composition of the oil is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, making it ideal for skincare, beauty, and culinary uses.