Mint Oil

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Revitalizing Mint Essential Oil

  • Fine-quality steam-distilled mint oil
  • 100% natural oil
  • Safe for aromatherapy, cooking, and topical use
  • Stimulating smell and vitalizing sensation
  • No additives and other synthetic ingredients
  • Mixed with a cold pressed oil ready for use

The use of mint or Mentha oil is traced back to 1000 BC. It’s known as one of the oldest herbs that were also used by the ancient Chinese, Greeks, Japanese, and Egyptians, including pharaohs. The herb and its oil have commonly been used as a flavoring agent to take advantage of its medicinal properties. Mint oil contains plenty of minerals (like iron, magnesium, folate, calcium, and manganese), fatty acids, and vitamins (A and C).

The traditional processing method of steam distillation is used, which encompasses stainless steel apparatus and only vapors come in contact with mint leaves, produces finest-quality mint oil. The process doesn’t involve animal testing and is completely environmentally friendly.

Mint oil is great for revitalizing the mind and body through aromatherapy. It can also be ingested in food for achieving its health benefits. The mint oil is often used in toothpastes and mouthwashes for healthier teeth and gums. Last but not least, the oil is effective for use in hair and skincare recipes.