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Fenugreek Seed Oil

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Quick Overview

Fenugreek Oil: The Golden Potion

  • First-pressed oil of fenugreek seeds

  • 100 cold-pressed therapeutic-grade oil

  • Useful as a cooking ingredient and beauty staple

  • No GMOs, fragrances, Parabens, and fillers

  • Cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly

  • Usage from half to one teaspoon to add to foods and beverages

  • For use as a skin and hair oil, and is also an edible oil

According to hundreds of years old saying, if one comes to know about the benefits of Fenugreek seeds, he’d weigh it in gold.  Fenugreek or Trigonella Foenum Graecum oil has been known for its medicinal properties. This herbal plant is mostly cultivated in Southern Europe, Mediterranean countries, and Western Asia.  The seeds of this plant are commonly used in spices, sweets, and to extract oil. The oil has natural antibacterial compounds in it, which makes it suitable for use in cosmetics and soaps. Besides being used in spice blends in Indian, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern cuisines for its strong aroma and flavor, fenugreek oil also makes a great thickening and stabilizing agent for food. Moreover, it’s used as a flavoring agent in syrups, medicine, and beverages too.