Hair Package, DIY your mix!

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DIY Hair Oil Blend Kit

Customize your own hair care solution with our multi-DIY Hair Oil Blend Kit. Each oil offers unique benefits to help you craft the perfect mixture for your hair's specific needs:

  • Ready-to-use Rosemary Oil Enhances the appearance of thicker, healthier hair and adds a fresh, invigorating scent.

  • Rucola OilKnown for its nourishing properties, it helps give your hair a fuller, more vibrant look.

  • Jojoba Oil A great moisturizer, it helps keep your hair looking smooth and well-conditioned.

  • Mustard Oil Offers a warming sensation and is traditionally used to promote scalp health.

  • Sweet Almond Oil Adds softness and shine to your hair, making it feel silky and manageable.

Mix and match these oils to create a hair care blend that aligns perfectly with your hair goals. Whether you're looking to add shine, volume, or hydration, this kit gives you the freedom to personalize your hair regimen.

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Hair Package, DIY your mix!
Hair Package, DIY your mix!

In stock