Pumpkin Seed Oil Capsules

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Our Pumpkin Seed Oil Supplement Capsules

  • Supports Prostate Health:Rich in zinc and phytosterols, our cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil aids in reducing prostate enlargement and may help with alleviating associated urinary symptoms by inhibiting DHT formation and reducing inflammation.
  • Enhances Urinary Health: It's beneficial for urinary health, providing relief from symptoms associated with an overactive bladder.
  • Hair and Skin Health:Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, improves hair strength, skin health, and overall health, promoting natural beauty from the inside out.
  • Convenient and Easy to Use:The capsules a easy way to incorporate the benefits of black seed oil into daily routines.
  • Directly from us: Our Pumpkin Seed Oil comes straight from seeds we press ourselves, ensuring freshness and quality in every drop.
  • Vegan, Gluten-free, non-GMO, not tested on animals of course!