Fenugreek and Fennel Capsules

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Fenugreek and Fennel Capsules

High Quality Fenugreek and Fennel Capsules.

Without additives.

Only natural ingredients.


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The Truth of Herbal Supplements: Such as That of... Fenugreek and Fennel Capsules

Cheating in Herbal Supplements

In the health supplement industry, the quality of herbal products like fenugreek and fennel capsules is frequently compromised through various methods. These alterations not only lesson the therapeutic value but also mislead consumers seeking natural health solutions.

  1. Dilution with Inactive Substances: One common practice is the addition of inactive substances, like rice flour or cellulose, to herbal capsules. This significantly reduces the concentration of the active ingredients, thereby lowering the efficacy of the herbs.
  2. Synthetic Preservatives for Shelf Stability: To prolong shelf life, many manufacturers add synthetic preservatives. These chemicals, while extending the product's lifespan, can change the natural composition of the herbs and may not align with the expectations of health-conscious consumers.
  3. The Issue of Mislabeling: In some cases, products are mislabeled, with claims of containing certain herbs while in reality, they contain little to none of the advertised ingredient. This deceptive practice misguides consumers and deprives and cheats them of the intended health benefits.


Our  Dedication to Authenticity and Ethical Practices

Against this widespread adulteration, we stands out with our commitment to authenticity and ethical practices in the production of our Fenugreek and Fennel capsules.

Direct Sourcing of Authentic Herbs: We source our fenugreek and fennel directly from reputable vendors, ensuring the herbs are genuine. This guarantees the potency and effectiveness of our capsules.

No Alterations, Purely Natural: Our capsules contain pure fenugreek and fennel without any additives or fillers. We maintain the natural composition of the herbs, ensuring that you receive the full health benefits.

Vegan Cellulose Capsules and Cruelty-Free Practices: We encapsulate our herbs in vegan cellulose capsules, catering to a wide range of dietary preferences and lifestyles. Additionally, our products are free from animal testing, reflecting our commitment to ethical and responsible production.

Traditionally Harvested, Not Lab-Formulated

At Green Fields Oils, we're proud that our Fennel and Fenugreek capsules come from nature, not a lab. These capsules are filled with herbs traditionally harvested and processed, bypassing any artificial lab-based methods. This traditional approach guarantees that the natural essence and benefits of both fennel and fenugreek are preserved.

Tale of Two Herbs: Fenugreek and Fennel

Imagine a chef in ancient times, accidentally mixing up his herb jars, only to discover his dishes suddenly had healing powers! While that might be a stretch, the truth about fennel and fenugreek isn't far off. These herbs, once hidden in the shadows of the spice rack, have risen to fame for their surprising health benefits

Fenugreek: The Multitasking Herb 

Fenugreek's story begins in the Mediterranean, where it was not just a spice but a medicine, a preservative, and even an embalming agent. Ancient Egyptians appreciated its health properties, using it to ease childbirth and embalm their dead. The Greeks and Romans used it for cattle fodder, which is how it got its name: 'Fenugreek' literally means 'Greek hay'.

Fennel: From Myth to Medicine

Moving to fennel, this herb was so revered in ancient Greece that it was thought to be a gift from the gods. The Greeks believed it conveyed longevity and improved strength. In medieval times, fennel was hung over doorways to ward off evil spirits.. a kind of ancient 'security system' ;)) . And let’s not forget the Roman soldiers who consumed fennel to keep them in fighting form.

Culinary and Medicinal Uses Through the Ages

Both fenugreek and fennel found their way into various culinary and medicinal traditions across the world. Fenugreek, with its slightly bitter taste and aromatic profile, became a staple in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking. It was also used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat skin conditions and pain.

Fennel, with its anise-like flavor, became popular in Italian and Mediterranean dishes. It was also used in traditional remedies to aid digestion and soothe sore throats.

Modern Rediscovery of Ancient Wisdom

Today, we are rediscovering what ancient cultures knew long ago about these herbs. Fenugreek is celebrated for its potential in aiding digestion and supporting lactation, while fennel continues to be a go-to remedy for digestive health. Both herbs are being studied for their antioxidant properties and their role in a balanced diet.