Black Seed Oil Capsules

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Black Seed Oil Capsules

Vegetable HPMC Capsules, filled with cold pressed Black Seed Oil. The oil is flowing freely in the capsule, we dont use gelling agents. Each batch of our oil is tested before filling.

Gluten Free




Each Capsule contains 0.5 ml of Fresh Cold Pressed Nigella Sativa Oil

60 Capsules

Private Label Services are available.

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BrandGreen Fields
Country of ManufactureJordan
Size60 Capsules
97% of 100
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Navigating the Capsule Industry: A Scientific Perspective

In the expansive landscape of health supplements, understanding the compusition of capsules is crucial. Our journey into the capsule industry reveals some surprising startling facts, particularly in the production of black seed oil capsules.

Beyond the Primary Ingredient

It's common in the industry to find capsules filled not just with the intended supplement but also with various additional substances. These are often inert fillers or binders, sometimes even artificial colors, used to reduce production costs. This practice can dilute the primary ingredient's effectiveness, compromising the health benefits it should offer.

Processing Techniques: The Impact on Quality

The method of extracting black seed oil significantly influences its quality. Some manufacturers opt for heat or chemical extraction, which can significantly! lessen the oil’s natural qualities. This is akin to degrading a precious material, diminishing its value and benefits. Such processes can alter the oil's chemical structure, reducing its efficiancy.

The Synthetic Shortcut...

Lab-Engineered Thymoquinone vs. Natural Sources

A prevalent practice in the industry involves the laboratory synthesis of thymoquinone, the active compound in black seed oil, rather than extracting it naturally from pressed seeds. This engineered approach may offer consistency in concentration, but it removes the multitude of other beneficial compounds found in natural black seed oil. These additional compounds, which are naturally present in oil extracted directly from black seeds, work to enhance the oil's overall health benefits. 

Labeling Strategies & Complex Marketing Terms

Product labels in the capsule industry can be complex, often filled with hard terms that cover the true nature of the contents. This tactic can mislead consumers, making it challenging to know the actual quality and composition of the product they are purchasing.


Naturally Crafted, Not Lab-Made

We take pride in the fact that our cold-pressed Black Seed Oil capsules are not products of a laboratory environment. Unlike many mass-produced supplements, our oil is extracted and prepared through traditional methods, avoiding synthetic laboratory processes. This natural approach ensures the highest purity and potency of our Black seed oil, maintaining its natural integrity and health benefits.

Us, as Green Fields Oils... and Our Commitment to Purity 

We distinguish ourselves by sticking to the highest standards of purity and quality. Our Black Seed Oil Capsules are crafted using superior-high-quality cellulose capsules, ensuring a product that is as natural and unchanged as possible. We cold-press our black seed oil in our own facilities, maintaining the benefits and full spectrum of its properties. Our approach is grounded in transparency and scientific backup, offering products that are not only effective but also reliably safe.

By choosing to cold-press our black seed oil, we ensure that youreceive not just pure thymoquinone but also the full spectrum of natural compounds, offering a more real-and-natural approach to wellness.


The Humble Yet Mighty Black Seed

Have you ever wondered why they say good things come in small packages? Well, the black seed is a perfect example!

Often overlooked due to its tiny size, this little seed has a history that's anything but small.

Originating from the flowering plant Nigella sativa, native to Asia, the black seed has been a hidden gem in traditional medicine for over 2000 years.

From the ancient Egyptians to the modern wellness enthusiasts, everyone seems to have a little space in their hearts (and their medicine cabinets) for this tiny powerhouse.

Tracing Roots: A Journey Through Time

The story of black seed takes us back to ancient civilizations. Imagine Pharaohs and queens in ancient Egypt using these seeds not just for health, but also as a beauty secret. In fact, it’s said that Cleopatra used black seed oil for her gorgeous hair and skin. But it wasn’t just a beauty product; it was found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun, indicating its importance in the afterlife. The Islamic prophet Muhammad famously stated that black seed could cure anything but death. This reverence crossed over to other cultures too, with mentions in the Bible and used by Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, for digestive troubles.

A Global Phenomenon: Spreading Wellness Across Continents

From its humble beginnings in the fields of Asia, black seed oil has traveled across continents and cultures, finding a place in various traditional remedies. In modern times, it’s not just confined to health and beauty but has also made its way into culinary practices. The adaptability and versatility of black seed oil have made it a global phenomenon, embraced by health enthusiasts worldwide.

From Seed to Oil: The Magical Transformation

Fast forward to today, and the black seed is still as popular as ever, but how does it transform into the oil we use? The journey of black seed oil production is a blend of traditional methods and modern technology. we ensures this process retains the natural integrity of the seeds. Moving from the best quality seeds, and then cold-pressing them; a method that doesn’t involve heat, thereby preserving the oil’s nutritional quality. This process extracts the oil, ensuring that every drop is pure and potent, just like nature intended.

Small Seed, Big Impact

The story of the black seed and its oil is a tale of natural wonder. From ancient times to modern shelves, black seed oil has maintained its stature as a natural miracle, offering a full ray of health benefits. With us, Green Fields Oils, this age-old tradition continues, bringing the purity and essence of black seed oil, bottled with care and expertise, right to your doorstep.