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When it comes to producing Laurel Leaf Essential Oil, not every bottle tells a story of purity..

The path to finding genuinely pure oils is obscured by industry practices that prioritize profit over purity. Here’s what to watch out for:

  • Synthetically Filled: Many essential oils on the market are filled with synthetic chemicals like phthalates (used to prolong scent) and benzene derivatives (cheap fragrance enhancers). These additives can cause allergic reactions, hormonal imbalances, and long-term health risks.

  • Heat Damage to the Plant: High-temperature extraction methods compromise the oil's composition, breaking down its beneficial compounds. This heat can transform therapeutic terpenes into less effective or potentially harmful by-products.

  • Residual Chemicals Which Harm the Planet: The use of solvents like hexane in the extraction process can leave behind residues that not only pose health risks but also contribute to pollution and harm to wildlife and ecosystems.

Whats different with us, as Green Fields Oils Factory?

Here at Green Fields Oils Factory, we are completely different from anywhere else. From our extration methods, to even our genuine ethical practices!

  • 1000 Year Old Traditional Method: Our oils are extracted using traditional steam distillation, a method perfected over centuries that ensures the purest, most potent oil without chemical residues.

  • Sustainability Through Zero-Waste Distillation: We've adopted a zero-waste cycle that really shows our dedication to sustainability. The water used in our cooling systems during distillation doesn't go to waste; instead, it's repurposed for cleaning. Furthermore, the plant material left after oil extraction is transformed into compost, returning valuable nutrients back to the earth and supporting the growth of future crops. This holistic approach not only minimizes our environmental impact but also reinforces the natural cycle of growth and renewal.

  • Pure Oils, and Nothing Else: With Green Fields Oils, what you get is 100% pure essential oil. No synthetics, no additives, just the real soul of the plant. Our commitment to purity means you can enjoy the full therapeutic and even culinary benefits of essential oils, exactly as nature intended

When you make the thoughtful choice about where your essential oils come from,  you're making a decision that brings peace of mind and empowerment. By choosing a trusted, sustainable source like ours, you can rest assured that what you're getting is precisely what you've asked for: pure, actual authentic essential oils. This choice enables you to bring the true healing powers of herbs into your life and the lives of your family members, and of course friends!(They're your second family) enhancing your lifestyle with the genuine benefits of nature, sustainably sourced and delivered with care.

Bay Leaf & A Laurel Crown

Ever tossed a bay leaf into a pot and wondered, "What's this actually doing for my food?" You're not alone. Bay leaves have been around forever, sneaking into stews and soups, making everything taste just a bit better. Let’s dive into why this leaf deserves a spot in your spice rack.

The Story of Bay Leaf

Long ago, people weren’t just using bay leaves for cooking; they were a big deal in celebrations and even medicine. Fast forward to now, and we’re still finding these leaves tucked away in our pantry, ready to add that extra something to our meals.

Cool Facts About Bay Leaves

  • Ancient bling: People used to wear bay leaves like crowns. Talk about nature’s original crown jewels!
  • Not just for looks: Besides making dishes yummy, bay leaves have been used to help with digestion and even as a natural bug repellent. Yeah, they’re kind of a big deal.
  • Kitchen MVP: Even though we don’t eat them whole, their flavor seeps into the food, making them the behind-the-scenes star of many dishes.

Why Bay Leaves Are Great for You

It turns out bay leaves are packed with good stuff. They’ve got vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. So, while they’re busy making your soup delicious, they’re also giving you a health boost.

Bay Leaves in Your Food

Throw a bay leaf into a pot, and it quietly works its magic, adding depth to your sauces, soups, and even some meat dishes. It’s like the secret ingredient you didn’t know you needed, making everything taste richer without stealing the show.

Growing Bay Leaves

Thinking about growing bay leaves? Good news: they’re pretty low maintenance. Plus, having your own supply means you get to add that fresh, aromatic touch to your dishes whenever you like.


So, there you have it: the bay leaf. Not just a random leaf, but a tiny powerhouse of flavor and health benefits. Next time you see one floating in your pot, give it a little nod of appreciation.