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Black Mustard Seeds, Hidden Facts in Production

The Lesser-Known Side of Black Mustard Seeds

Black Mustard Seeds are known for their sharp flavor and health benefits, but the commercial processes they often undergo can be surprising to many consumers.

Genetic Modification

The use of genetically modified Black Mustard Seeds is on the rise, aimed at increasing crop yields and resistance to pests. However, this raises questions about the ecological impact and potential health implications of consuming GMO products.

Green Fields Oils & Tradition

We are committed to authentic products. Our Black Mustard Seeds are acquired directly from trusted sources, free from harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances. We focus on providing products that are safe, natural, and visually appealing. Trust in Green Fields Oils for genuinely pure Black Mustard Seeds.

Black Mustard Seeds,The Spicy Beginnings

It's said that a pinch of Black Mustard Seeds could liven up any ancient feast. These tiny seeds were more than just flavor enhancers in the Indus Valley; they were considered symbols of prosperity. Imagine ancient traders bartering with pouches of mustard seeds, as valuable as any coin.

Greek and Roman Kitchens

In Greek and Roman cuisines, Black Mustard Seeds weren't just tossed in for a bit of spice. They were a culinary masterpiece! Used in sauces for fish and meat, and even in early versions of ketchup! Hippocrates, the father of medicine, even used mustard in various remedies for its perceived health benefits.

Medieval Times, A Mustard Masterpiece

The Middle Ages saw mustard's status skyrocket in Europe. At banquets, Black Mustard Seeds were ground into a fiery paste, close to modern mustard, gracing the tables of kings and peasants alike. Medieval physicians also concocted mustard plasters, believing in the seeds’ power to cure a range of ailments.

The Renaissance: A Panacea in Seed Form

During the Renaissance, these little seeds were akin to gold dust in spice racks. They were believed to be a cure-all, from alleviating sore throats to stimulating digestion. Shakespeare even mentioned mustard in his plays, a nod to its commonplace in society.

Colonial Expansion: Spreading the Mustard Seed

As explorers set sail, so did Black Mustard Seeds, finding new homes in distant lands. They became integral to various cuisines worldwide, with each culture adding its twist, from American ballpark mustard to spicy Indian pickles(Which are oh my god.. so good!.

Today's World: A Seed of Health and Flavor

Nowadays, Black Mustard Seeds are celebrated globally for their pungent flavor and health benefits. They're a staple in dishes like barbecue rubs, marinades, and even in health supplements, proving that some ancient flavors never go out of style.


Cold Pressed to Perfection, here at Green Fields Oils We embrace the power of nature by cold pressing both Yellow and Black Mustard Seeds in our state-of-the-art facility. This careful process ensures that the oil retains all its natural real benefits. Our mustard seed oil is especially revered for its therapeutic properties.

It's a favorite among athletes and those recovering from muscle soreness and pain(Literally so freaking good). When rubbed into the skin, it works wonders in soothing discomfort and accelerating recovery. This oil is proof of the health-promoting products.